Monday, 10 June 2019

7 Months Later ..... The Story Continues

In November last year we sold Crystal Blues "as-is", fortunately finding a couple who were keen to repair the boat and make it their cruising home. David Newmark & Patricia Pardini have bought one heck of a boat, though with one awfully big ding in the port side. David has worked with steel boats for many years, so no surprises there for him, and he's a hands-on guy who plans to do most of the repair work himself. He and Patricia asked if they could keep the Crystal Blues name, so the name will continue on. David tells me she is now US Coast Guard documented, officially an American boat after all these years. He is doing the repair work in New Rochelle Harbor, just north of New York City.

Crystal Blues With Snow On Deck - Another First.

After 22 years of sailing her and almost 20 years living on board, the parting was not an easy one, however we drew comfort from the fact that she is in good hands. 

So we are officially "in between boats". Back in Australia over Christmas we got busy planning our next adventure, a car journey across America planned for the 2019 northern summer. 

We bought a youngish (2016) Chevrolet Traverse SUV, set it up with the camping gear we needed (much of it rescued off Crystal Blues) and planned a journey north and west, clear across America and into Canada. That journey started today, when we departed Reedville Virginia and headed westward. You can read about our new travels at, just click here.

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