Friday, 1 January 2016

Mummy Christmas & The Land Of 1000 Hills .....

To the west of Durban the land rises rapidly - just 30 minutes drive inland and you have climbed more than 1000 meters.

This is the Land Of 1000 Hills, green and beautiful countryside with hundreds of restaurants, B&B's and guest houses.

A traditional steam railway operates on the weekends, bringing tourists from Durban up into the hills.

The climate is cooler, the foliage is different and most importantly, Mummy Christmas delivers Christmas cheer by quad bike.  What ?

Friends of the family just happen to live up here, and we were invited to gate crash their "traditional" Christmas lunch.  Did I say traditional ?

This was a fabulous family Christmas celebration, with beautifully prepared lamb on the spit rotating well before we arrived.  The weather turned into rain and sleety fog, blocking out the hills, however the fire place roared and the food kept coming, so it was our kind of Christmas family gathering.

So a very big thank you to Shaun Visser, Tania & Lynette for the fabulous hospitality and for sharing your family Christmas with us.

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