Monday, 3 March 2008

Andaman Islands Information

Cruising in the Andaman Islands requires a little more attention to paperwork than most of us are used to. Its taken us a little while, but we've finally uploaded and linked the Andaman Island clearance forms and letters to this blog site. Whilst we've included as many blank forms as we could obtain, if you're cruising to the Andamans you will need to prepare a range of documents yourself - courtesy letters, declarations and statements. Samples of these (basically .pdf copies of our own letters) are included in the download section in the right hand column. Also included is the excellent and detailed clearance / check-in guide prepared by Jon and Sandra Stonham, S.V Tui Tai. Download it here.

Our initial guide to cruising suppliers and services in the Andamans can be downloaded here.

Document Downloads

The marine service directories have been re-compiled into smaller documents, addressing individual countries and/or regions. This should reduce download times for those who require information for only one country. The server that was hosting our document downloads has become unreliable, so we've moved all of them to a new service, A.Drive. It seems to be working well, though we would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Our apologies to those who experienced any difficulty with the downloads - normal service should now be restored ! More information here.

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