Google Earth Navigation Charts

We are producing satellite image charts of the places we visit.  In many areas these are very welcome tools for safe navigation, as the commercial charts often contain quite substantial errors.

The charts are produced with GE2KAP software, which creates calibrated charts that in our experience are extremely accurate.  You can make your own by downloading the GE2KAP software here.  Use it with Google Earth to capture earth images with precise geodetic calibration.

OpenCPN navigation software is used for viewing these Google earth charts.  You can also download OpenCPN here.  The charts are in .KAP format, and you'll also need to load the KAP plugin for Open CPN, also available online.

You are welcome to download and use the charts we have made.  Click on the links below to download :

Sri Lanka / Trincomalee

Maldives / North Malé Atoll & Hulhumale
Maldives / South Malé Atoll
Maldives / South Ari Atoll
Maldives / North Nilandhoo Atoll
Maldives / South Nilandhoo Atoll
Maldives / Adoo Atoll
Maldives / Huvadhoo Atoll

NEW :  Another KAP File Library

Mike Reynolds on the yacht Zen Again has compiled a large library of KAP image files, with contributions from many cruising sailors.  Our own files will be available on that site shortly.

Click Here to link to Mike's blog and his instructions and information regarding KAP file use.

To access the KAP file download site, use the button below.


  1. Hi, just wanted to mention there is an alternative for building satellite charts. On you can build/download them without any software install. It is completely web based. There is also a direct integration with SEAip (iPad, Mac and Andoid) navigation app, and a new (sort of in beta) plugin for OpenCPN called VFKaps. Each of these integrations make getting kaps as simple and fast as possible. How do i know this, well VentureFarther is my site. I am a cruising sailor who started building this site 4 years ago to help share navigation information. Any questions just let me know.

  2. You can use for store sattelite images from different sources, even Navionix ...


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