Cruising Services Guides

Finding support services in a foreign country can be frustrating and time consuming. 

To speed things along for others, we've recorded and detailed all the valuable contacts and services we've come across during our time afloat. The information is available in our Cruising Services Guides.  They can be downloaded here from our cloud storage service (Drop Box) just by clicking on the links below.

The .pdf documents are searchable - use the search button in Adobe reader to look for "chandlery" or "oil filter" or whatever product or service you need.  Search on "restaurant"  and you'll find the restaurants we liked most in each port or country.

If you have some great service or supply contacts that should be added to these lists we'd appreciate the information.  Please also let us know of any updates that need to be applied.

02.   Brunei

03.   United States

09.   Singapore 

10.   Thailand

11.   Sri Lanka / Trincomalee

12.   Maldives / Male'

13.   Rodrigues

14.   Mauritius

15.   Reunion

16.   India

17.   South Africa

18.   Suriname

19.   Trinidad & Tobago

20.   Grenada

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