Saturday, 19 May 2018

Havana Cruising - The Automotive Dreams Edition

Tourist Rides, Central Havana

After almost two months in Cuba, the sight of these 1950's juggernauts still makes me smile.

While Havana has thousands of beautifully restored tourist taxi's, the city also has many more un-restored versions, doing just what they were built for, more than 60 years ago.

A fair number of them have been skillfully re-worked under the hood, and improved to boot. An aussie friend in Havana runs a private tour operation using a beautiful 1956 Chevrolet - only it has a Toyota diesel engine, Toyota 5 speed gear box and 4 wheel disk brakes. Its also air conditioned, a rare luxury. On top its a '56 Chevy - underneath its a Toyota SUV. The only 5 speed column shift I've ever seen!

Stunning, Glowing, Local Transport

Don't get too excited - dreaming of buying one of these and bringing it home? The Cuban government has banned the export of these classics. They'll stay in Cuba forever.

If you're interested in these machines click the link below for more images.

Eye Candy For Andrew & The Captain

Sunday Morning Ride, Manzanillo, South Coast Of Cuba

In Santiago de Cuba, Outside The Chess Club (yes, Chess Folks..)

Santiago de Cuba, The Only Willys Sedan In Cuba

Everything Is Original Under The Hood

So The Spray Job Is Orange Peely - It's The Self Tapping Screw I Object To!

Delivery Service, Santiago de Cuba

Usa Particular ?

Tourist Ride, Santiago de Cuba

Tourist Rides, Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos, Bus Service

Local Taxi Rank, Near Cienfuegos

Taxis Near Cienfuegos - Someone Help Me - Are These Two Cars Russian ?

Dreamy Chevrolet In Cienfuegos

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