Sunday, 24 January 2016

Seizing Wire Or Cable Ties - That Is The Question

Image Courtesy Rocna Anchors
So, how do you lock the screw pin on a shackle? Using monel or annealed stainless steel seizing wire is the traditional (and best) method, but it's slow, and often leads to pierced fingers and blood on the deck.  Very messy.

For really important connections (like the running back stays) we do use seizing wire, and then wrap the connection with self amalging tape to smooth it off and protect nearby body parts.

The same goes for anchor shackles, or anywhere that mechanical and/or abrasive forces are likely.

But there are many applications on-board where an alternative method can be acceptable, even though traditional wisdom advises against it...yes, nylon cable ties can be safely used in many situations.

UV Degraded Cable Tie Failure

Problem is, most nylon cable ties fail very quickly in sunlight due to UV degradation.

However you can use cable ties and expect reasonably long life if you use the correct type.

For some time we've been using UV stabilised cable ties in a range of sizes from the manufacturer KSS. Typically we get five years of reliable use from these.

Note the "W" as the final letter in the model number - that signifies "weather proof", implying UV stabilised. You can buy a similar product without that "W" notation, but it will not last as long...

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