Saturday, 2 June 2018

Rockets R Us

OK, so the 10.0 knot speed at the top of the screen possibly caught the eye of the boating folk, but that's what happens in the Gulf Stream heading north. However anyone familiar with my dim dark past will smile at the small print on the navigation screen, just ahead of us in this image .... rocket impact area? Yes, we are south east of Cape Canaveral, where Ley and I watched the Space-X launch late last year, and where I watched the last moon shot (Apollo 17) take off back in 1972. Memories can surface on the midnight watch.

My last personal rocket launch program can be seen below. That was 2005, just before we departed Australia. And yes that's me on the ground, connecting igniters on the engines. Never grow up is what I say. And go out with a bang.

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