Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The Friday Night Fish Fry, Eleuthera

Admiral Ley Doing The Limbo Rock

Here on peaceful Eleuthera Island the folks come out to play for the Friday Night Fish Fry in Governors Harbor. By 8:00pm there were a couple of hundred people eating, drinking and generally making merry. They close off the street near the beach, and the party builds until its time for the Limbo Dance competition, where tourists and locals (all lubricated with Rum Babas) compete. Admiral Ley volunteered as the official Australian representative, and she'd only had two drinks .....

Hatchet Bay Entrance Cut

Eleuthera is a beautiful and friendly place, the locals exceptionally courteous. Starting at The Glass Window Bridge in the north, we've worked our way southward, staying on the sheltered western shore. At Hatchet Bay we passed through the (very) narrow cut into the man-made harbor, to anchor in the pond there. Next stop was Alabaster Bay, anchoring off the golden beach in 3 meter water that is crystal clear. Here we relaxed for a few days with our friends Bill & Jean on Pelican Express, plus other new friends Harry & Liz on VonYachtSki. 

On a beautiful calm evening we gathered driftwood and a few rocks, then built a cooking fire, proving that Australians just love to play with fire. Beach chairs, beers and our BBQ grill plate completed the preparations, and at sunset the boat crews gathered for an evening grill on the beach.

Needless to say, with the warm weather and sheltered anchorages here we're in no hurry to move on. Our path will eventually take us across to the Exumas Islands and further south, before we make a break for Cuba. The boat is running well and the beer is cold - so right now we're chilling.

Arriving For The Beach BBQ


  1. Hi guys. We're currently off Norman's and are heading north. When are you hitting the Exuma's? We'll likely cross paths pretty soon.

    1. Hi John, we're planning to be in Rock Sound over the weekend, then to head for Exumas early next week. Hopefully space in Warderick wells for us by mid week ..... see you there?


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