Thursday, 16 November 2017

Returning To The Boat - What Do You Carry ?

After two busy weeks in Melbourne we returned to the boat with over 120kg of luggage - thank heavens for Qantas being generous on the allowances. The flight landed in Dallas, where we loaded the super-Chevy truck and proceeded to drive back to Virginia, via Little Rock and Nashville.

We're frequently asked what do we carry back to the boat, so for those who are serious about this, here are our answers for this trip.

12 x 0.5kg jars of Vegemite (yeah, 6kg in total)
New 26kg regrigeration compressor
New electric jug
New electric toaster
1 x green cow hide (we like to leather things)

The electric items cannot be purchased in the USA, as the supply voltage and frequency are different ....
The balance of our monster cruising shopping list is below.
2 x Compact toilet brushes
2 x Australian Red Ensign flags
1 x Royal Yacht Club of Victoria burgee
1 x Spring for the boom rod-kicker
1 x Dual stage gas regulator
4 x hose click fittings
3 x hose click spray nozzles
Various prescription drugs in large quantities
3 x packs, Reva Super Hold clothes pegs
Long life cream, Chai tea bags, Curry powder, Vegetable stock, Bread improver
Powdered soups, Surprise dried peas, Freezer bags, Dish cloths
Contact lenses
Rechargeable LED flashlights (that's another story in itself)
Nasonex spray (requires a prescription in the USA - not in Oz)

And more that I can't remember ....

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