Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Crystal Blues USA Land Cruise - Where Should We Go ?

Sitting in the unusually chilly waters of New England, we've started to dream about another type of voyage. This time, we plan an anti-clockwise circuit around the central USA, by car, taking in the north, the midwest and the south - the American heartlands.

So now it's your turn, please - tell us your favourite places to visit in the US, your favourite restaurants, bars and music clubs. Plus the cities and national parks that you love.

We're building a custom Google map to guide us on our travels, and we'll add selected locations to build a route for our land cruise. Note - we'll be starting and ending the cruise in Virginia, not far from Washington DC. Our timeline will start in early September and run through until early November.

Please comment below or email us with your ideas!


  1. When we drove from Ohio to Washington State the most spectacular portion of the journey was through the Cascade Mountains from Eastern Washington to Western Washington. It was fantastic, coming over the passes in the afternoon;stunning. Two places we missed (trying to hurry to the coast, foolish us), and wished we'd visited, were Glacier National Park in Montana and Glacier Peak Wilderness area in Washington State.

    1. Thanks Fred and Judy, we will add these suggestions to our list.


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