Wednesday, 12 July 2017

In One Day, In New York .....

The Guggenheim Experience Is Mind Expanding
OK, so our last post didn't really cover the New York experience ... suffice to say it was a mix of excitement, culture, history, art education and grief. Our first stop, the impressive 9/11 Memorial, certainly brings home the scale of the disaster, and I'm not showing images here, simply because they don't do it justice. Its a powerful place.

 The amazing Guggenheim Museum filled most of our time, with the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture competing with (and in some cases dominating) the great master art works on the gallery walls. It's a staggeringly beautiful building.

New York is BIG, so big that moving around town efficiently means spending big on cabs, or using the subway.

I'd forgotten just how tricky the subway system can be - in the image at left I'm sitting happily on a platform waiting for a train that eventually never came - that wiped the smile off my face. We were on the wrong platform, in the wrong station. Not very efficient.

We finished the afternoon at the Russian Tea Room on West 57th Street, right by Carnegie Hall. We had cocktails, they make an outstanding dry martini, though the place has lost some of its former charm following a refit in 2009. Still, we both loved it for the decadence, and the Faberge eggs were very New York - BIG. Back on the train at Penn Station, we were home to Port Washington in time for a late dinner. Didn't see a show, didn't hear any jazz, but had a great day.

We'll visit New York again later in the summer, for music and retail therapy, though I'll need more training on those subway numbers and routes.

The Russian Tea Room Also Plays With Your Mind, With A Different Aesthetic

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