Sunday, 25 June 2017

Twenty Two Years On, We Return To Annapolis

Boat dreaming, in June 1995. This image captured with an early Digital camera, all of 756 pixels wide.

Way back in 1995 Ley and I visited Annapolis, playing the tourists while on a business trip to the United States. We were busy running a growing business, but we dreamed of sailing and cruising to places exactly like this. Two years later we purchased Crystal Blues and the dream became a reality.

So, almost exactly twenty two years after that first Annapolis visit, we're now able to sit on the same docks and look at our own floating home, moored just a 100 meters off shore. It does feel good!

Since the adventure began we've sailed over 50,000 nautical miles, crossed several major oceans and visited seventeen different countries. √Źn an email received yesterday, our friend Jim Cate encouraged us to "have as much fun as possible" while we are here. I can assure you Jim, we will keep trying!
Back In Annapolis, Older & A Little Wiser

Crystal Blues arrived in Annapolis on Friday afternoon after a down-wind run up Chesapeake Bay from Solomon's Island. We've taken a mooring for the weekend right off the town dock, which is ground zero for boat watching in this most nautical of cities. Members of the local Annapolis Yacht Club have hosted us to the club, so once again we are being looked after very well. Tomorrow we head further north up Chesapeake Bay, then enter the C&D Canal for a (hopefully) smooth transit through to the Delaware River.


  1. Nice post and 22 years of cruising. Wow. Where to next?

  2. Hi Daria, Long Island Sound and Maine for the northern summer.

  3. Hope to rendezvous with you in Maine. Fair winds and calm seas.


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