Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Trinidad Boating Services

Here in Trinidad the locals are proud of their boating support services, though nearby Grenada has stolen a lot of the work in recent years. From our perspective, the services and work force are somewhat jaded - yes there are good skills here, but there are also many contractors with disappointing attitudes and indifferent approaches to the task. A real shame.

The result is that many cruisers are doing their own work, where ever possible, or at minimum are having to very closely manage the local trades people. Part of the problem is that each yard hosts a number of trades people as commercial tenants, and naturally refers visiting boats to those "internal" service providers. This makes it tricky when you really want quality - the best service providers may well be partnered with another yard. We've had to part company with two contractors in our yard (Power Boats) due to poor quality results.  It was all handled nicely enough, but we're still looking for the right people.

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