Friday, 20 May 2016

Things We Love To Hate - Jabsco Pressure Tanks

Not often are we frustrated enough to openly criticize a product, but here is one of those cases.

Crystal Blues was fitted with Jabsco water pressure tanks to smooth the delivery and extend the life of the pumps. and the tanks do both of those things well.

The problem is in the failure mode - basically the product self destructs in a little over 10 years, rusting out and dripping water from the entry point.

In fact the Jabsco pressure pumps, which we like and trust, are lasting longer than the tanks (which have no moving parts).

Any water leaks inside our boat are completely unacceptable, and so are products that leak consistently.

These tanks really should be made of plastic, marine grade aluminium or 316 grade stainless steel. Mild steel just isn't good enough.

We've been through four of these since we bought the boat, and will not buy another until I find one made of a more stable material.

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