Monday, 9 May 2016

St. Helena Arrival

Crystal Blues arrived at Jamestown, St. Helena, late on Saturday afternoon. The final few miles of the passage were a joyful reach in flat water along the rugged northern coastline, before mooring to a buoy in James Bay under cliffs that are over 600 feet high.

This is a tiny (population 5000) outpost of the British Empire, and our stock of English currency took a hit as we paid Harbour fees and immigration entry charges.

Our passage from Cape Town covered over 1700 nautical miles in 12 days and conditions were good for most of the voyage. Despite the favorable conditions we did blow out our big asymmetric sail, and also managed to bend one stanchion. Repairs will commence soon...

Waiting for us in the bay was the Canadian catamaran Ceilydh, with Maia, Dianne and Evan on board. We carried eggs, cabbage and apples from Cape Town for them, and today they provided a tour guide service for us across half the island - it's great to be back with good friends. We'll be here for a week or so, before moving further north west to Ascension Island.

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