Friday, 22 April 2016

When A Gale Is Blowing, Watch The Marina Move

It was far worse at Tuzi Gazi Marina in Richard's Bay (story here), where many boats were seriously damaged late last year. But even the "good" marinas here in South Africa can suffer when it blows hard.

This is the main walkway at Royal Cape Yacht Club just when today's expected gale force winds started pumping.  The difference between here and Tuzi Gazi was however immediately obvious - management here were on the spot as it happened, observing and checking.

 All the local marinas are moored in place by heavy chains, tethered to anchors on the bottom - divers inspect and adjust the chains periodically.  However if the chain length isn't exactly right, you can get some surprising events at certain states of the tide.  After raising our fenders we also ran lines off on the port side of Crystal Blues, to haul her clear of the (now exposed) plastic marina floats.

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  1. Welcome to Cape Town. Where the wind blows like a waterfall , hard fast and next moment you get a beautiful day, Zero wind , and lovely sunlight. Hope you have a great stay , if you need anything , just shout , Capetownians are very friendly but respect your privacy , so you will have to make the first move ( or buy the first beer )


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