Friday, 29 April 2016

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Over the past few passages we have worked methodically at silent sailing. Lying in bed and listening to the ocean whooshing by the hull is music to our ears - until there this peace is interrupted.

We bubble wrap most glass jars and bottles, and discretely shove a tea towel into a cupboard to stop things dancing around when we need to. Grippy rubber and silicone pads stop things rolling around on flat surfaces. Then there is a clunk, clunk from a starboard cupboard. Could it be that last bottle of very fine South African Pinotage that was stowed at the last minute?

Then there is the creaking on deck from the new genoa sheaves. As the wind fills out the genoa, a steady groaning on deck permeates the whole of the boat. We had these sheaves replaced by Associated Rigging in Cape Town. They had groaned all the way down and across the Indian Ocean last year and after inspection showed some cracking and lots of wear.

Armed with spanners and Harken One Drop, Neil sat on deck and lubricated the bolts inside the new sheaves. The groaning immediately stopped - you just have to love a product that lives up to its name. Back to silent sailing, what a joy.

We've had a magic sailing day, covered 165 nautical miles in the past 24 hours. Only 1133 miles to go to St. Helena.

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