Friday, 26 February 2016

The Work Continues - At Royal Cape Yacht Club

Ley Cutting Vinyl Stiffening Panels For The New Sail Bag
The biggest job for us this month - manufacturing a new sail bag or "stack pack" for the main sail.

Royal Cape Yacht Club have been generous with a great working space - a regatta function room that has good light, power and even a raised work platform.  Perfect.

The bag is over 5 meters long and slides into bolt rope tracks that are fitted to the sides of the boom.  Ley has been collecting the necessary materials for some time, and we found a great local canvas shop (B Canvas) who provided the missing parts for us.

It took a full day (yesterday) to mark up the fabric sections and do all the cutting out. Today we'll start the sewing, which we expect will take a couple more days. 

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