Thursday, 18 February 2016

Back Working In Cape Town, After A 10 Day Safari In Botswana

Winch Servicing - Haven't Lost Any Parts (Yet)
On Monday night we arrived back in Cape Town after a 10 day adventure in Botswana. Walking down the dock, it was a nice little buzz seeing Crystal Blues shining in the evening light - all that work polishing the stainless steel certainly paid off.

Almost immediately we dived into the list of service and maintenance jobs we have in front of us. Number One is winch servicing - we tackled just one of the primary winches before we went away, so now we have only six more winches to strip, clean and re-assemble.

The weather in Cape Town has moderated a little, though yesterday it blew at 30 knots all day.  We're also finishing off the installation of our new Mastervolt / Masterbus electrical management system, which we started back in Malaysia 12 months ago. Somehow, no matter how many jobs you actually complete, more keep appearing.  At lunch today it occurred to me that one of our next stops may be in Suriname or Guyana in South America - just what is the AC power supply there? Ley quickly checked online, and sure enough they are 120volt / 60 cycle. Which means I have to complete the AC transformer installation that I started more than 10 years ago. The work list grows longer...

Yoda, A Little Younger & Smaller Here
On a happier note, we are still in communication with some of the wonderful folk we met in Botswana. Our safari was a fantastic adventure, not for the faint-hearted, but if you like the bush and the wildlife then Botswana is the place to go.

This image shows Yoda, the smallest creature we met, a Bush Baby (Lesser Galago) that has been raised by Sarah & Wayne at Drifters Camp outside Maun in northern Botswana.

Yoda was all over us one evening, jumping between Ley and I, hanging on with those impossibly human (but miniature) hands and wrapping his tail around everything. Wonderful large eyes and ears, certainly affectionate, the only animal I've met that gives really cute tongue kisses. Just think about it ...

We'll have the full story on our Botswana safari online soon. Meanwhile it's back to the winches.

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