Thursday, 22 October 2015

Tohatsu Outboard Motors - Indian Ocean Cruisers Group Buy

Our beloved Tohatsu outboard motor has passed it's "use by" date.  Looking for another unit, we discovered that several other cruisers in the region are also wanting to buy new engines.  South Africa is also possibly the last chance we'll get to purchase a 2 stroke engine in the size we want, as Euro and US regulations have forced them off the market in those regions.

So we have arranged a group purchase through a vendor in South Africa, with a significant discount and shipping available to most ports.

So far we have six vessels in the group, but all boats traveling to South Africa are welcome to take advantage of this deal.  For further information please contact us by email, or by commenting on this post.

We have pricing on two models - the lightweight 5.0hp and 9.8hp 2 stroke units (short shaft), but others models including 4 stroke are available.


  1. I'd like to know what the 5hp is going for.

  2. Two stroke Mercury motors (the model made in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin) are still available in Mexico (also the newer models built by Tohotsu) and probably other places such as Brazil, and certainly the Caribbean. I'd love to buy a new one but the old one (16 yrs old now) still runs perfectly despite three salt water dunkings over the years, two while running.


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