Monday, 19 October 2015

Beatiful Boats - Money & Taste Don't Always Come Together

To be honest, right through my childhood I was influenced by my fathers view of what was beautiful in a boat or a ship.  We did spend a lot of time looking at boats.  I think his best quote on the topic was this - "All Boats Are Beautiful, Some Are Just More Beautiful Than Others."

OK, so I tried very hard to find the beauty in this vessel, anchored off Hellville at Nosy Be, Madagascar.  The MV Danah Explorer (check her out on the web) has had a couple of major refits, most recently in South Africa,  but neither seem to have added any cachet to the vessel's name.  What were they thinking ?

Yoiks, for a 900 ton vessel with a draft of only 12 feet, she looks kind of tall after that last refit, which added the complete private upper deck for the owners..  I'd love to understand the stability calculations.

The helicopter is just georgeous though, don't you think ?

Please - there is something about the beauty and functionality of boats that needs to be cherished, preserved and respected.  Money on its own is not enough.  I'm sure that MV Danah Explorer was happier in her first life.  Your comments are welcomed ....

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