Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Yikes - A Kiwi Chef In My Galley!

Reece Checking Resources
Whilst driving around the south western coast of Mauritius, Neil spotted "Viande de Gibier", a specialist butchery selling wild deer, boar and pheasant.  The influence of French cuisine is strong here.

Half an hour later Neil emerged carrying a precious parcel of venison loin, which was stored in our freezer waiting for the right occasion ...

Then we met the Kiwi Chef,  Reece Smith, who was managing a Russian owned Swan sailing yacht berthed nearby.  Over sundown drinks I asked Reece what would be the best way to cook the venison. Not being a meat eater I had no idea how to prepare and cook it.  Reece had a quick look at the meat and suggested a dinner party where we would invite a few friends and he would cook the venison.  Sounded like a good plan.   

Friends were invited, a menu was planned and a shopping list drafted. Reece then had a quick look at my galley, opening cupboards checking on supplies and equipment – all looked good for the big night.  

Plating Up Was A Rapid Fire Art Experience
Reece rose early and started cooking up bones to prepare a rich, luscious jus to serve with the meat.   I went shopping for thyme, potatoes, apples, broccoli, pumpkin and bacon.   

The big night arrived, the Kiwi Chef took over the galley, laid out his knives, put on his apron and then dismissed me – I had to sit in the salon and entertain our guests whilst a food preparation frenzy played out behind me.

The Pheasant Plucker At Work
 Neil was enlisted as kitchen assistant, peeling and grating potatoes for the bacon rosti, passing utensils and generally supporting the production.

The venison was trussed and rolled in black pepper and finely chopped thyme, the broccoli was prepared and the stems peeled (who peels broccoli stems?), the pumpkin mashed whilst the jus kept simmering away.  The rosti was cooked ( I had to ask Neil later how that was done as I was still banned from the galley). 
Then finally the venison was quickly pan-fried and volia, a gourmet meal for seven.  A scrumptious apple crumble dessert followed.

And the best part of the galley invasion – Neil washed all the dishes!

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  1. yeah great night, not so good the day after but......the price to pay for a fun night. all my best


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