Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Road Master

Frustrated in our search for a rental bike, we asked the owner of a local restaurant for advice.  His solution - you can rent mine !  Kumara Alwis runs the beautiful Dutch Bank Cafe, an oasis for travelers here in Trincomalee.

Kumara wheeled out his classic Honda CD200I Road Master, an old bike he "keeps around because he loves it".  We now love it too.

Its quirky and eccentric, doesn't like changing from 2nd to 3rd gear, doesn't like idling very much either, but it has given us hundreds of kilometers of fascinating travel in and around Trincomalee.  Slow, solid and comfortable, the bike turns heads wherever we go.  We've given it a fresh oil change and some mechanical adjustments and its a quality ride.  Thank you Kumara !

By the way, Kumara's cafe, with attached accomodation, has a good range of western and local food.  It's a stylish renovation in a historic building right on the waterfront - we can see Crystal Blues riding at anchor through the front windows.  With aircon and wifi, it is a welcome stop for many and is perfectly placed for visiting sailors.

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