Sunday, 4 August 2013

Things That Work For Us # 3 - The Powerdive Hookah

Did Somebody Lose Something ?  Malacca Straits Midnight Dive
As cruising  sailors we are definitely not professional divers, but we do enjoy the underwater world.  

More importantly, we often also need to work under the boat for cleaning, maintenance and clearance jobs, when bad stuff happens.  Which it does ...

That rope I'm holding at left caught around our propeller in the Mallaca Straits back in 2006.  Not surprisingly it stopped the drive train and the Cummins engine in a flash.  

Drifting powerless at night, in a busy sea lane, is not our idea of fun, but we were able to clear the propeller and get underway again in quick time, using the Powerdive system.

Hull Cleaning Is Much Easier With Endless Air
Basically its a simple 12 volt powered compressor that provides low pressure air, via a hose, to a regulator worn by the swimmer.  It's incredibly easy to use, and we've had great success introducing people to the underwater world using the Powerdive.  The fact that they are tethered to the boat by the hose is a positive thing ....  even beginners feel comfortable.  The Powerdive compressor also keeps people at shallow depths - go beyond about 5 meters and it just won't pump air to you - so you tend to come up again !

Air Resevoir
Powerdive 2 Cylinder Compressor
We now have the compressor mounted permanently in the lazarette, with fixed hose running to the air resevoir and then on through a permanent (welded) connection in the transom.  It's always ready to use, and we have a stainless quick connect fitting in the aft transom locker to plug the diving hose into.

Powerdive supply kits for single or double diver  use.  We bought the Double Deck Snorkel, along with some extra hoses and spare parts when we purchased ours.  Now, more than 10 years on, I'm pleased to say that this system has never (ever) failed.  It has always worked, first time, every time, with almost no maintenance.  Not many systems aboard can match that.  

Powerdive are an Australian company based in Western AustraliaAs you can see here, the Admiral enjoys using it as well.  
Admiral Ley, Floating In The Whitsunday Islands

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