Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Whitby Harbour - Living Sailing History

The River Esk, Whitby Harbour
In Whitby, the locals say there are three ways of doing things - the right way, the wrong way, and the Whitby way.  The latter way seems to be enthusiastic, friendly, and sailing mad !

Whitby Yacht Club Pontoon
Captain James Cook earned his apprenticeship here in Whitby, serving on a range of vessels in his early sailing life.  Cook's later voyages of discovery were remarkable, including the charting of the eastern Australian coast.  His early masters residence is now the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby, and it was this connection that brought the traveling Langford clan to North Yorkshire.

Whitby Yacht Club View
My father Dean was keen to see the port and the museum, so on we came. Whitby Yacht Club (who have the best harbour view in town) gave us a very warm welcome, as did the friendly Port Controller and marina staff.  This place is tailor made for sailors - and for fisherman. We enjoyed their hospitality.

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