Friday, 8 March 2013

Things That Work For Us ..... Turtle-Pac Flexible Tanks

Whilst we aren't happy about the demise of our Onan genset (more on that in the future), we are rewarded when we see other systems that work as advertised .... and keep on working.  We're also pleased when we get great manufacturers support.

Turtle-Pac Water Deck Tank

Eleven years ago we installed four Turtle-Pac flexible water tanks inside our re-finished steel water tanks.  They're still going strong, and were recently expertly serviced by Turtle-Pac in Queensland.  In 2004 we added two more tanks for fresh water and in 2007 one more as a black-water waste tank.

We also have two deck tanks - one for fuel and one for water - of 200 litres each.   These are filled and tied down under the boom for long passages, then rolled up and stored away when not required.

That's First Mate Ray Pitt stowing away a 200 litre water tank at left.

They're very lightweight and easy to stow.

600 Litres Under The Floor
So we now have nine of these flexible tanks on-board, in various applications, and can recommend them highly.

200 Litres In The Dinghy
The image at right shows our largest water tank installation, 600 litres under the salon floor, comprised of four x 150 litre Turtle-Pac bladders.

These are connected to a manifold that allows us to control the flow from each bladder independently.  The installation is simple, because the physical containers don't have to be waterproof - we bolt the lids on to lock the bladders in place, but we don't need to make them water-tight. 

In some anchorages we roll the portable deck tank out inside the dinghy and take it ashore to fill.  Then we can pump the liquid aboard.

Its a quick and easy way for us to carry 200 litres at a time from shallow shore-side facilities that we can't approach with Crystal Blues draft, or when there simply are no shore-side berths at all.  This has worked well for us in many out-of-the-way places.

Recently, our friend Robin Enlund added both diesel and water deck tanks to his Riviera Sport Yacht Alpha Nero, for longer delivery passages between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. 

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