Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sailing Is In The Family

NS38 Moneypenny On Port Philip Bay
I learned sailing from my father Dean, as did my brother Peter.  He sails his North Shore 38 Moneypenny from the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, in Williamstown.  This great photograph was taken during Geelong Race Week over the Australia Day weekend.  Peter tells me the snazzy red hats let him find the crew in the bar after the racing ....

At the other end of the family tree, here is Shamrock, my father Dean's H.28 ketch, with he and Ley's father Ray Worrall onboard.

This image was taken as Ley and I sailed into Melbourne on Crystal Blues back in 2005.

Shamrock came down the bay to meet us, with the combined age of the two crew being over 150 years.

Its in the family.

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  1. Great legacy, great photos, great sailors those from Oz.


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