Thursday, 31 January 2013

Gear For Sale - Pumps, Solar Controllers & More

Ley and I hate throwing good equipment away, yet somehow each year we accumulate items that just don't have a home aboard.  Over the past few months we've accumulated quite a hoard, and we want to get rid of it !

So, if you need a 12v watermaker pump or a 3/4" water strainer, or new valves for your inflatable dinghy, we've got a deal waiting for you.

Check the full details by clicking here.

If you need a solar controller, small pressure storage vessel, priming tank or a DC ammeter, give us a call. Its all functional and in good condition, some is new.

We'll gladly accept beer in lieu of cash - A$20 equals one IBU (International Beer Unit), which is 24 cans.  You get the idea.... and postage is extra !

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