Sunday, 28 October 2012

Black and White

Today was all about black(antifoul) and white (sails).  We had applied antifouling paint back in May when we thought we were ready to relaunch, but this was not to be.

Our aft and forward bilges demanded some intensive attention, so here we are now "reactivating" our antifoul 5 months later.

Crystal Blues has been painted with Jotun Sea Force 90 for many years now.  We are very pleased with is performance as we usually manage at least two years of good protection between haulouts.  Following advice from Jotun Thailand, we pressured washed the hull and applied one additional coat of antifoul paint to reactivate the underlying coats.  Anodes will be bolted on tomorrow, we are almost ready!

Both of us ended up being splattered with antifoul and we provided much entertainment to the Thai workers around us......we don't think they have seen "farangs" antifouling their own boat here at Boat Lagoon!

Removing the Black

We have really enjoyed the life in Asia for over 7 years, but our sails have suffered as they are continually exposed to the black pollution streaks left by each rain shower - specially in Singapore.

Over the past two days Ley has been gently pressure washing the sails and then scrubbing them with Blue Dynamo laundry detergent.  Our sails, constructed from Dimension Polyant Hydra-Net are still in fabulous condition after 8 years - and with this cleaning became white again.  Today we enlisted help to lift the mainsail from the hardstand back on the boat - thanks Villa G, Blue Star and Sea Bunny.

When the wind dropped at the end of the day we fitted the Antal batten cars to the mast track then dropped the sail into the boom bag.

Three days to splash down!

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