Monday, 6 August 2012

The Birds

A Welcome Bird Visitor.
Our Thai carpenter Nhoon, brought his baby parrot, Goldie to Crystal Blues when he was installing the new cupboard bases.

Many men bring their pet birds to work in Phuket. Mostly they are carried by motor cycle in bamboo cages, covered in blue silk.  The cage is usually hung up around the work area where the birds sing and socialise.

Goldie decided to spend his visit on Ley's shoulders, happily perched there while the jig-saw was nosily cutting away.  Ley climbed up and down the ladder, mixed paint and he only squawked at us (unhappily) when we put him back in his cage.

Dragging The Birds Nest From The Boom
During the past week we noticed a pair of Indian Myna birds hovering around our bimini.....and twice Ley saw one fly out of the boom.  As we don't plan on staying here for too much longer we thought it was better to put a halt to their nesting plans.

Armed with Ley's fishing gaff hook and a torch Neil sat on the bimini top and peered down the boom.  He then fished out a mess of twigs, leaves and plastic nesting materials.

The two Mynas perched in the rigging, squawked loudly at us then flew off.  Their eviction was permanent as we taped over the aft end of the boom and sail bag. 

The Crystal Blues zoo has now been visited by 3 snakes, a ring tailed possum, a water dragon and 2 Indian Mynas.

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