Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The MegaZip Way

Zooming down a mountain at 60kmph, hanging by a single rope tether ...... flying over jungle, beach and ocean.  Landing on a tiny sand island and returning to the beach for a very welcome beer .... that's the MegaZip experience !  It sure beats hanging around in a boat yard.

Sandra Stonham and Neil videoing while zipping at MegaZip
MegaZip is a thrill packed adventure park on Singapore's Sentosa Island.  It has Asia's longest zip-ride plus three other action attractions - ClimbMax, Para Jump and North Face.  In July this year we were lucky enough to be asked to produce promotional videos for MegaZip, which was the start of a fascinating and ongoing relationship.  In the first few weeks we produced the video's originally requested, using volunteer talent and improvised "flying" aparatus.  The image above shows cruising friend Sandra Stonham acting out for the camera whilst travelling downhill at considerable speed.

Robert Goh and Neil on the North Face
Our Sony CineAlta HD camera survived the experience, which was a lot more energetic than filming luxury villas, our previous gig.   Another sailing friend, Robert Goh, a serious mountaineer, kindly played "talent" for our coverage of the North Face climbing wall.  You can watch one of our short MegaZip video's on YouTube here.  Or you can download a medium resolution version here

As the relationship grew we moved on to designing lighting and electrical systems for the park.  A range of project management and infrastructure tasks followed, which saw me commuting back and forth to Singapore quite a lot over recent months.

The MegaZip Adventure Park is now fully operational.  Its located on top of Mount Imbiah, the tallest hill on Sentosa Island - don't miss it when you're in Singapore.

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