Thursday, 29 March 2007

The Taxi Driver Told Us ...........!

Crystal Blues departed Langkawi this morning, heading for Penang. Sailing at 6.5 knots with an 11 knot NE breeze, flat seas, blue skies. Lovely!

After several weeks of "boat jobs", we spent our last few hours yesterday in Kuah Town stocking up on duty free wine for the next few months. Towering thunderheads were building all around the bay and our taxi driver suggested that the wet season was coming a month early this year. Loaded with our bounty we stopped at the Asia Restaurant for a final meal there this season (mango squid, baby kailan and broccoli).

It started to rain lightly, so the owner's son kindly offered to drive us to the dinghy dock with our provisions. After unloading at the dock we waited for the light rain to pass over. Then it just got heavier, the thunder and lightning started, and we made a run for it. The cardboard boxes dissolved before our very eyes, the dinghy was filled with loose bottles of wine and beer, and gallons of water. Unfortunately the bailer was buried under a mountain of wine so we used a shoe to empty out the dinghy, as we motored out to the boat.

Yep, the taxi driver was right, the wet season is coming earlier this year.....

We'll be in Penang until April 11, when we fly home to Melbourne for Peter & Maria's wedding.
Crystal Blues will be left at Tanjong City Marina whilst we're in Australia. When we return at the end of April we'll set sail for Singapore and then Borneo.

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