Sunday, 1 April 2007

Our First Day In Cyberspace

OK, this is kind of scary - the launch of the very first web-log ("blog") from the crew of Crystal Blues. We hope you like the site, and will try to keep you entertained with content.

The blog was setup with tons of help from Mike and Tracey on SV Seadrive - thanks guys. Mike can be an animal sometimes, but he really knows his stuff ! Check out the Seadrive web link in the right hand column .....

All our past newsletters are available here, along with the Marine Services Directory we've collated over the past few years - the link buttons are below for .pdf downloads. The photo's are all public domain for non-profit users - just let us know if you plan to publish any .... a by-line would be nice !

Next we'll try to put our various video productions on the page, to make them available for download. We'll see if U.Tube can handle that. Stay tuned.

Greetings to all those checking in for the first time - give us lots of feedback and we'll try to make it better !

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