Thursday, 2 August 2018

Small Town Patriots

Small But Patriotic!

I can't say goodbye to July without mentioning Independence Day here in the USA. With only a tiny nod to local politics, Reedville celebrated July 4th with great community spirit. We stayed in town for the celebrations and enjoyed every minute with our local friends.

Main Street had been decorated for weeks, local homes dressed with the red white & blue, national flags everywhere - so we dressed Crystal Blues with our flags and joined the party on shore. The Fisherman's Museum played it's part with family adventures all morning, the town population swelled enormously, thousands came for the parade, and many stayed for the fireworks that evening.

Hundreds Of People & Vehicles Formed The Parade, Working Main Street In Both Directions

 Amazingly this small community also put together a patriotic musical performance the following day, where talented local singers and players entertained for several hours. The local hall, now owned and managed by the Fisherman's Museum, was decorated in the red white and blue for the event, held on the Sunday afternoon following the 4th.

Crystal Blues departed soon after, heading north up the Chesapeake Bay.

Community Singers Choral Performance

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