Thursday, 8 December 2016

Eastern Australian Travels

Big Country, Big Sky - Lake Omeo In North East Victoria
Back home in Australia, we've been celebrating with family and catching up with friends, whilst also trying to see some of our home state. Of course we're also dealing with a range of boat issues, buying equipment and parts to carry back to Crystal Blues in Trinidad.

This week we caught up with Mike and Sue Powell on SV Yarrandoo, as they waited in Twofold Bay (Eden) for a weather window to head south to Tasmania. The trip south is an annual pilgrimage for many sailors during the Australian summer, with many heading for southern Tasmania.

Stepping aboard a familiar vessel with old friends was a real warm and fuzzy experience - the comfortable harbor reminding us that Twofold Bay is a great cruising destination.

We then traveled north to my favorite small town of Omeo, driving up through the foot-hills of the Australian Alps. At this point I should say that my mother's family came from the Omeo area, and that Ley and I spent quite a lot of time up in the region before our sailing life began.

Drinking From My Favourite Creek At Staleyville
So we visited our favorite bush campsites and drove the familiar mountain roads with a joyful hearts, gifted with beautiful weather. The impact of recent forest fires was evident everywhere, including through our camp site, where the blackened trees reminded us of the fragile nature of our world.

Above The Snowline, Dead Timber Rises Above Colorful New Growth

Ley Visits Her Favourite "Five Star Bush" - Somewhat Blackened Since We Last Camped Here

Local Farmers Dealing With A Constant Problem - More Than 30 Wild Dogs Hanging From This Tree

Ley Throwing Snow Balls From The Last Snow Drifts On Mt. Hotham

Beautiful Alpine Wild Flowers

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  1. looks like you gad better weather for the trip to the high country. Lovely photos and we miss you guys already!

    Cheers Sue and Mike


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