Monday, 23 May 2016

Flying Fish Pie ?

No, we really aren't that hungry! We did have a recipe for Flying Fish Pizza once, but they smell so bad we tossed the recipe.

Every morning I walk the deck, looking for problems, wear points, chafe etc. and invariably I'll find two or more of these creatures on deck, though 14 in one night (!) is the record for this paasage. Beautiful looking, but stiff as a board. Trails of fish scales lead us to them, and often they'll bounce off the windscreen before flopping down onto the deck.

Crystal Blues departed St. Helena late on Friday - it was St. Helena Day, a public holiday and a day of great celebration on the island. Marching bands, speeches by the new Governor, special church services, community sporting challenges and a joyful parade through the capital of Jamestown kept us entertained.

Ley was part of an 8 person team competing for the fastest time to climb inside a mini minor (an original one). The wining team comprised mainly kids under 12 - not fair ! We sailed out of James Bay late in the afternoon, and after the sun set in front of us we watched the fireworks explode over Jamestown directly behind us.

St. Helena Day - The Car Jam.  That's Ley and Di In The Front.

We're now more than half way to Ascension Island, a 720 nautical mile passage north and west up the Atlantic. The weather is (thankfully) definitely tropical, hot cloudy days with cooler evenings and the water temperature has almost reached 25 degrees. We have a good weather forecast and should be anchored in Ascension by Wednesday evening.

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