Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cruising At Ko Phayam

Our approach to Ko Phayam was compounded by 25 knot squalls and lumpy seas.  A contrary current combined with wind over tide conditions to challenge us, and then the wind changed direction several times over five hours, keeping the crew both cranky and busy.

So when the anchor hit the sand in Buffalo Bay there was a collective sigh of relief from the crew - we'd arrived.

You could actually feel the tension leaving the boat.

Now, after 10 days here, we're chilling....  It's two years since our last visit, and some things have changed, there are more cruising boats visiting, but the essential laid back character of Buffalo Bay remains the same.

This is a very beautiful place, I think perhaps the finest cruising boat anchorage on the west coast of Thailand. When the other locations are rolly, Buffalo Bay is nearly always OK.  Local businesses will provide drinking water for visiting boats, and the river delivers good water when there has been rain.  Of course the food is still sensational. But what about the hippies ?

The Happy Hippies

We quickly settled into a lazy daily routine - morning walks and swimming, boat jobs in the afternoon and drinks when the sun was setting.  Our crew, Ray and Jan Pitt, put there own spin on the holiday, with Jan determined to sleep as often as possible in as many locations as possible.  Ray has boosted local employment with regular massage to stretch the kinks out of his spine.  Both Ley and Ray have also been helping me with our latest equipment upgrades, completing new wiring and systems.

When not working we spread ourselves around the many bars and restaurants that dot the beach. 

The hippy shack is still in business, leading our crew astray with their Rasta style.  Its amazing how just two Mojito's can effect a girl - a giggly princess she was....

The food at Saithong Resort is still exceptional, prepared with love by the same family (contrary to rumors, the business has not been sold).

We've also enjoyed the atmosphere at Klong Keng resort, a nicely (slightly) up-market balcony restaurant that overlooks the beach.  Bare feet are still the order of the day, but the service and food are delightful.

We only miss Tony & Penn - the cruisers friends.  They no longer operate the boat shack on the beach, the land has been sold.  Though we miss those sunset sessions with them, Buffalo Bay is still the finest place for a cruising holiday.

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