Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vale Ray Worrall, 1921 - 2013

My father in law Ray Worrall passed away on April 16th. That's him in the yellow jacket, sailing aboard Shamrock back in 2006. 

He loved boats, loved sailing, and really loved his fishing.  Ray was a glorious man who helped others and gave endlessly.  In his retirement he eventually worked part time in the workshop at my business, where he was best mates with my father Dean, and a friend to all our team.  Ray encouraged us to always do the best job, never to accept second rate, and to value our own work and contributions.  He brightened our lives at work.

Ray treated me like a son from day one, and welcomed me into his family.  It is a privilege to have shared in his life.  Neil.

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  1. Sorry to hear of Ray Worrall's passing. He must have been quite a sailor, just look at that photo: blustery day, all sails flying, and his boat looks great.

    We see the family resemblance to Ley in his face and in the love of the sea that we saw in Ley.

    Some times, often I guess, we think about the loss to humanity when a wonderful person, who has gained wisdom and experience for so many years, passes on. Wouldn't it be better, wouldn't the world be richer, if we could keep them forever?


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