Thursday, 25 October 2012

Neck and Neck in the Patches Stakes

Boat Marooned, at Boat Lagoon, Phuket.
Six days till splash down!

Our bilge refurbishment is done and dusted.  Systems are rapidly being re-instated and commissioned, cupboards cleaned and filled, and sails being washed.

So much is going on, we resorted to creating a daily job list so that not too many things slip under the radar......

Finishing Touches

While the systems are being completed inside, everything outside is also being finished.  We have a great local team the hull polishing the hull and deck, and the hull is receiving its final coats of paint on the new steel sections.  We're taking bets if the patches on Neil's work shorts will survive to complete the refit - repairing them has become a weekly ceremony -  but they only have to last until Tuesday, and then they can be trashed !
Crystal Blues has red and yellow patches ....... Neil's shorts have a camel theme going!

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