Monday, 16 May 2011

Cold & Getting Colder

Back in December 2009 we commissioned Siam Cooling to upgrade our 240 volt refrigeration systems.  A new Hermetique compressor was installed as well as replacing all the 20 year old copper tubing.  Stephan and his team did a fabulous job and the refrigeration and freezer has been running perfectly ever since.

Neil planned to build a new control system himself, using electronic sensors in the cold boxes, to give us finer control over the system.  We sourced Elliwell controllers from Singapore, and stainless thermo-couples from Stefan at Siam Cooling.
 Old contacts in Melbourne helped with a laser cut and engraved stainless panel to mount the electronics.  Over the past 16 months he has slowly completed this project.  Today was the big day, power, sensors, solenoid valves and the controllers were finally all hooked up and the system commissioned.

Now Neil is pacing the cabin, fine tuning the set points, differentials and controller parameters.  It works !  Yep -  it looks like a mini disco is happening in the corner of the galley with red, yellow and green diodes.  One more job from our last refit has been completed.

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