Monday, 3 May 2010

The Joys of Getting Old

Shaun and Sarah snorkeling at Roc Nok, Thailand
Our son Shaun and his wife Sarah joined us for a 10 day cruise from Phuket to Langkawi in February.  We explored the delights of Phuket and then set off via Phi Phi Don, Rok Nok and the Butang Islands, enjoying some good sailing and great snorkeling along the way. Shaun even managed to catch at least 4 fish a day on our new Thai lure.

Before we left Phuket, Shaun said to me "Mum we have some bad news and some good news".  I asked for the bad news first - "Mum, you are getting old!"  This wasn't news to me, so after a few seconds the good news was announced  -  we are going to be grandparents in early September!  Lots of hugs and tears of happiness followed. When they flew from Langkawi back to Melbourne Sarah's "baby bump" had already started to show.  And we're still smiling!

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