Thursday, 19 April 2007

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Crystal Blues is berthed in Penang, and we flew home a week ago for the wedding of Neil's brother Peter, to Maria Karpetis, held last Saturday. What a fantastic wedding it was - a marvellous Greek Orthodox service in a beautiful rural setting. A six hour "luncheon" followed, which completely ruined most of us. Maria looked like a Greek goddess, and Peter looked just like he should - extremely happy ! About 100 family and friends celebrated the event, dancing to blues, rock and traditional Greek music. Since the wedding we haven't stopped - a whirlwind round of social engagements and reunions with friends. We're also going through a change of tenants in our rental property, so the visit home has allowed us to work on that project as well.

Earlier today our godson Ethan Shaw flew in from Sydney. On school vacation, Ethan (9 yrs) took his first flight without his parents to spend a day or so with us. A full day at the Melbourne zoo was followed by dinner in Carlton. Ethan loves Spaghetti Bologna, with cheese, and boconcini and tomato, and Italian bread etc etc - so we had it all !

Ethan flies home tomorrow, and we'll return to Penang around the 28th of this month, after just a few more is nice to be home again.

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